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Sack Coats Unlimited
About Us

Many people like to know a little about the company behind the products they buy, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our business philosophy, history, and employees.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to the production of a good quality, reliable product that will add to the look and authenticity of our customers. Thanks for looking and feel free to email me with your questions.

You manufacturer

Matt Caldwell, the manufacturer of all the sack coats listed on this page.

About Me

Hi, my name is Matt Caldwell and I belong to the Slakerz' Saloon Mess, a sub-group of the GH Thomas' Invincibles and with guys who are like minded guys as we strive to reenact authentically. This is my 8th year in the hobby and after the last few years I have noticed that many people are discourage by the long wait for high quality reproductions. It is my goal to manufacture these goods and offer them to the public as "ready to ship". I have made countless garments over the last few years and they are all as close to the originals as possble. NO synthetics are used in my garments and only the formost cloths are used. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding items in stock and what you would like to see made.
Matt Caldwell

TESTIMONIALS: Some of the emails I have gotten from customers. To date, I have yet to get one complaint. This makes me very happy.

"It fits like a dream" - Mark Canady, Pumpkin patch Mess

"Superb worksmanship, absolutly beautiful" - Jerry Ulman, Tar Water Mess

"It fits really well and the the workmanship looks
top-notch. Thanks!" - Joe Bordonaro, Kerney Guards

"Got the sack and quite honestly I am very, very impressed. It is of wonderful quality and constructed very well" - Joe Hoffman, Kerney Guards

"I like what you have done" - Matt Woodburn, Snake Killer Mess

"I am really happy with it" - Greg Runyon, Pumpkin Patch Mess

"I received the coat the other day and havent had the
time to e-mail you. It is awesome; quality,
workmanship,etc...... I am very pleased." Andy VanCamp, Tar Water Mess

"Nice coat, I am pleased" Richard Smallwood

"recieved the coat today, sweet!" Bo Carlson, ODV

"Matt, I got the Sack Coat today its awesome!" Steven Ditzel ODV

"Matt, I just recieved a JT Martin jacket that you made from Joe Hoffmann, and I got to say BULLY JOB!! It is great, and will help me greatly with my Federal impression. Thank you for provideing a great service and for your time and effort." Billy Woodhams

" Matt, I got my sack coat all safe and sound last Friday. It is awesome. The workmanship, material, color and cut are all terrific. I got it just in time for an event here in eastern NC and to say the least the boys were mighty impressed." John Gray, 11th NC

" Out-of-the-box I started checking it out . . . excellent!" Tom Hegdahl, U.S. Ordnance

"dude got the sack, freakin awesome!" Josh Quesenbery, Phoenix Iron Pards

"Matt, The coat is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I got it this
afternoon. All I can say is "you da man!!!". I'm very
impressed, as will be everyone that see's the coat. It
was a good fit. Use me for made an awesome
coat, thanks again!" Bruce McCullough, 8th GA

"Matt, Received my coat today. Looks great and great workmanship. What a difference from my old Jarnigan coat. The indigo dyed flannel is simply beautiful" Alex Whitelaw, Rowdy Pards

"Hi Matt, Coat arrived yesterday. It's gorgeous. Mike loves it! Actually it fits him perfectly. Looks like we have to buy a new one from you next year at the rate that teenagers grow. Not a problem -- just don't plan on moving to Europe. Love the lining and period markings. It's unique to our little corner of reenacting and I'm sure Mike will get lots of comments and questions. In fact, he's wearing it at school today for an interview for the newspaper." Barb Pietruczenia, mother of Mike Pietruczenia - 8th NJ

"Hey Matt I got the coat today and I am in awe of the detail and the workmanship...clearly the best coat I've seen in a long time. Thanks so much, the speed in which it was constructed and sent was more than I couldve bargained for as well... I love the coat's lining! Thanks for the great article as well... I look foward to doing business with you again. My comrade zack and myself are looking into getting a cravat..thanks again for everything!"
Aron Price
Salt river rifles
Coffee Stacks mess

"I brought it to our Veteran's Day parade and everybody was checking it out saying "oooohh" and "aaaahhhh".
Very nice!" Rick Biagi

"Hey Matt;
The coat and shirt kit got here today. It was easy to try on the coat and it looks good on me." Jim Peterson

"I really do like the jacket alot! Everyone I showed it to was very impressed with the workmanship, as was I. The buttonholes especially got alot of comments. I am very pleased" Mark Nagro RDII

"Well done and thanks for the fine service and willingness to deal with an overseas customer - it was appreciated" Mike Minett, Kangaroo Mess (UK)

" Sir, I got the coat on Saturday.. I'm really pleased with
it! Thank you very much and I will reccomend you to
my buds.. After Christmas of course!.. Have a good
holiday. Regards Smoke" William Brannaman

" Matt: Steve Johnston here. I wanted you to know that I received that Coat today. If I may..your work is outstanding! I do appreciate your quick turn around time, effort and quality or your work." Steve Johnston

"Matt, Got the coat last night. Good job! You exceeded my expectations. Thanks again." Brad Ireland

"Matt, Just to let you know. My coat came in Saturdays mail ! Excellent job ! Every aspect of the coat is top notch. And best of all it fits. Thanks a bunch for getting it to me so quickly. Have a great Holiday you really helped with mine. Take Care", Kent Barnett B.C. Mess

"Hey Matt! Just picked up the box at the P.O. I don't take quality work for granted and I'm extremely grateful and thankful for your researched sewin' hand . . . the trousers are sweet! How sweet? I'll buy the 38W X 34L trousers you offered me earlier as my backup pair if available?" Tom Hegdahl

"Matt, I got the drawers today, and they are awesome!! Absolutely beautiful handwork, and the fit is perfect. If it wasn't so cold, I'd go out and ford a few streams.... Can't wait for the season to start! Thanks for a truley awsome product!" Paul Manzo, Whitchers Mess

" Ah, well the drawers came in yesterday. And of course, they are fantastic. I love your detail and the hand stitching, it was all very
perfectly done. I still cant get over how soft they are on the inside, their already more comfortable that the last piece of sh*t pair i had......oh and you can quote me on that if you'd like." Preston Todd, Top Rail Mess

"Matt, When I got home today my coat was sitting on my desk waiting for me. Everything about it is top notch. I don't know anyone who can make a top of the line coat as fast as you can and without any hassle. I thank-you and will send pictures as soon as possible." Jon Lewis "Lucky 13 Mess"

"Matt- I just got your coat today in the mail and all I can say is EXCELLENT. I took the coat out of the package and instantly put it on, and it fits great. After wearing it around the dorm room for about ten minutes I took it off and looked at the construction of the coat. The coat is an excellent piece of workmanship. The stiching is very tight and in my opinion top of the line quality. The materials used and the color of the coat is also top quality. I can't wait to wear it out in the field and break it in for the next two weekends at Olustee and the Immortal 600. Thanks again-" Zach Bauer Salt River Rifles Coffee Stack Mess
" The RDII arrived yesterday and I have got to say you do REALLY NICE WORK! I had heard a lot of good things about your jackets, but this was the first time I got to see one up close. It fits me like a glove, although the sleeves could be 1" to 2" shorter..... Of course that just gives it that "issued" look. Thanks so much. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future" Tim Prince
"Dear Matt, I purchased one of your sack coats through Joe Hoffman, it fits terribily its baggy its hot and its PERFECT exactly what I was looking for...well done Matt. The materials and the workmanship are first
rate." Mike Erickson Michigan
"Matt, Just received the SA trousers yesterday...the consistency and quality have become the Caldwell hallmark  . . . congratulations! ... Many, many thanks!"  Tom Hegdahl
"Matt: I just got one of the cravats you sell through the Skillet Licker. Top
Shelf pard, great job. Keep up the great job.
" Paul Macomber
"I received the Awesome Blouse just as you promised. I am very pleased with the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Once again I would like to thank you for your excellent communication on the status of the run etc." Brian Hildreth
"Matt, First, I received my drawers yesterday.  They are truly incredible.  Your
craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply EXCELLENT!  Thank you very
much.  I have been searching for really authentic and high quality drawers
for a long time and now my search is over. (Extremely comfortable too.)" Bret Sumner
"Dear Matt, Your Trowsers are exceptional, incredible workmandhip!!!! Thank you So Much, Yours sincerely, Val Leiker"
"Mr. Caldwell, I just purchased a Greatcoat that you made for The Jersey Skilletlicker.  I know you probably get tired of hearing it, but WOW ! It's nice to have someone out there to help those of us who have neither the time nor the skill to sew a garment like this. I'm sure I will enjoy it thoroughly !!! Thank You,
LeRoy R. Eberly newly joined 19th Ohio"
" Got the drawers yesterday.  Boy!  They sure are sweet!  My wife was really impressed with all of the hand stitching!" Rick Biagi
"Matt: Coat is great!  Perfect fit and the detail is incredible.
Thanks, Ley Watson"

A few garments that I have made for myself.